My anime confessions

I’m not into confessions thingy before, but since I’ve tried to make one this day, I’ve realized that it can help me express my hidden feelings, so I decided that I’ll make one or more during my leisure time from school.

My Kuroko no Basuke Confessions

1.) “I’m absolutely thankful to my mom due to the fact that she became my path in being an avid KNB fan.”

2.) “I’m going to claim a lie if I say that I didn’t became this hype in watching KNB because of Kuroko.”

3.) “At first, I perceive Kise as a ordinary bishie basketball player, but as the other episodes proceeds, my viewpoint of him have varied and he’s now currently placed as top 1 in my fave characters list generally.”

4.)  “I sometimes hate Aomine due to his cocky attitude, but I also like him simultaneously”

5.)  “I want Seirin to go home as the champion of Winter Cup. However, if they win this match against Rakuzan, it will turn out that everything’s possible in just emerging mere teamwork and hardship. On the other side, if Rakuzan is fated to get this match, Akashi is going to remain in the way he used to be, which will fail Kuroko’s goal to variate all the GOM in terms of Basketball means. I wonder what will be the resolve of KNB creator regarding this matter.”

7.) “Kuroko no Basket is one of the anime series that I’ll preciously cherish in the rest of my life.”

My Shingeki no Kyojin Confessions

1.) “Personally, Eren’s personality was a big turn off at first, but his awesome moves have blotted it out.”

2.) “I resented Levi at his first debut in the anime because of his personality, but seeing him more in action made me feel that he has a hidden soft spot in his heart.”

3.) “Shingeki no Kyojin is one of the anime series I’ll never get myself to forget in the rest of my life.”

4.) “Since I’ve commenced in watching Shingeki no Kyojin, I can’t help myself but to do their salute pose every time we were holding a flag ceremony in school.”

5.) “If I were a boy, I’ll definitely have a thing for Mikasa.”

My Prince of Tennis Confessions

1.) “Prince of Tennis is the anime series that made me an anime enthusiast, so I owe a lot in this series.”

Here are my other confessions (as an otaku):

1.) “I’m so delighted that I became a part of anime fandom. If it weren’t for anime, I don’t think I’ll be able to acquire what I have now.”

2.) “I grew up without any siblings, peers, and relatives who were included in the same age group as me, but anime has filled up all those secondary demands of mine.”

3.) “Anime is my escape from reality.”

4.) “I may be a unsociable and a completely isolated being, but I have a very reliable buddy, which is anime.”

5.) “Prevalent individuals perceives otaku as an odd group. However, I don’t give a damn about those people because there’s nothing malicious in my interests.”

6.) “If I didn’t became an otaku, I might ended up in a complicated way of life like the other teenagers does.”

7.) “I usually tends to raise my head every time I achieve something great to show that it’s the outcome of anime in me.”


2 thoughts on “My anime confessions

    • Well, I’m surrounded by the people whose personality fails in my taste. Also, I’m kinda suck in almost all real life related stuffs, so I’m pouring my attention in anime 😀

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