Kuroko no Basuke Season 3




The 25th episode of the popular sport anime series entitled “Kuroko no Basuke” was released today. Thus, bringing the second season into its closure. Many fans of the series are wondering and keep on asking, if there will be a continuation for the said series. The possible response for the question is definitely a “yes”. The image above hints that there will surely be a third season for the series. (Obviously, they wouldn’t put “see you” on the down left corner of the end card if there’s no continuation for the anime adaptation) Not just that! The picture below also shows a hint. It also serves as a cliffhanger for the viewers…(Well, KNB manga readers knows this character) I don’t wanna spout who he is. Just read the manga if you really wanna know.




The second season ended with Seirin being triumphant over Yosen. There are more matches after this, and info to be unveiled, so a third season is a must.

Now, the solely unanswered question is when it’s going to be released. Base on what I’ve heard, it will most likely air on 2015. From the reliable, but unofficial source, it was stated that July 2015 is the TENTATIVE airing month for the third season. Don’t worry, it’s NOT confirmed yet.

For now, all we can do is to wait patiently for the confirmation of the third season, and for the announcement of its official airing date.