Shingeki no Kyojin episode 22 Overview/Summary


By the time I saw the preview for this episode, I thought that it will be an action-packed episode depicting Mikasa, Levi, and the female titan. But suddenly, my assumption was blown by the wind. It became a tear-jerking episode that tortured my heart.


(Levi and Mikasa teamed up)

Anyway, the first scene of the episode is so intense. It shows Levi discapacitating the female titan with the help of Mikasa’s assist. Even though, their team-up is enormous and their rescue plan is going smoothly, Levi’s right foot was injured when Mikasa suddenly jumped out and aim for the nape of female titan (which is not included in their plan) that caused him a “handicap.”


(Levi facing the female titan)

Later on, after they have discapacitated the female titan and have taken back Eren in their custody, the female titan was apparently crying (or she really does; I do think that it’s because of the strikes she got). Going to the next scene, the soldiers of Survey Corps was shown organizing the corpses that were recovered.

(The female titan after receiving a heavy damage from Levi)



(The corpses of the soldiers)

There were two soldiers asking Commander Erwin to recover the body of their acquaintance/close friend that was surrounded by titans. Commander Erwin rejected their request, as well as Levi, to avoid adding up some casualties in their hands. As they proceed in returning inside the wall, the two soldiers earlier have recovered the corpse of their close friend, but in exchange, they were being chase by the titans.


(One of the two soldiers with the corpse of their close friend

Due to the unfortunate fact that there are no buildings around, the only option they have in their hands is to abandon the corpses to accelerate their pace, so that they can outrun the titans without indulging in a fight with them. As the bodies are being thrown out from the cart, their faces were conquered by gloominess, especially Levi, after seeing Petra’s body being thrown out.


(The two hesitant soldiers)


(Petra’s corpse)

After a few moments, Eren has suddenly dreamed about what happened in the past (but there’s a little variation). Mikasa wake him up as she sees Eren having a nightmare.


(Eren and Mikasa having a conversation)


(A part of Eren’s dream)

Another few moments have passed, they have finally arrived in the inner walls, where they met people’s lament. At the same time, Petra’s father approached Levi, saying things such as “Well, as her father, she’s too young to marry, and she have to experience many things first.” (In the words of Petra’s father, it was hinted that Petra has feelings for Levi, and apparently, wants to marry him).


(Petra’s father trying to talk with Levi)


(Levi’s gloomy face

On the other hand, Eren saw the two children he spotted peeping earlier in a window of a house before they held their excursion for taking back his old home (in the 16th or 17th episode).


(The two children)

As the two children possesses cheerful faces, Eren suddenly unleashed an unexpected wailing due to his remorse.


(Eren’s austere regret)

   Author’s comment:  

As what I have mentioned in the start of this review, I thought that this episode will be teem by action and intense feeling, but I was wrong. I didn’t truly shed a single drop of tear in this episode, but my heart was conquered by grief. Anyway, I really love this episode despite of having gloomy scenes. Addition to that, I realized in this episode that Levi is not an entirely heartless jerk that doesn’t give a damn to the people around him. In fact, he’s a kind and caring person, (well, it’s not obvious to his looks though) He just threw his human emotions to lessen the nuisances and burden while opposing the titans. And due to that fact, I can continue to love/ him without thinking anything else, but Eren is still my no. 1.

Author’s rating for this episode: 10/10 


(Credits to for the screenshots)


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