Brothers Conflict ED theme lyrics (TV Size)


  • Romanji 

Yusuke: Dou sureba ii oshietekure yo

Subaru: Nakaseru tsumori nante nakattanda

Juli: Uso tsuke!

Kaname: Marude sekai o teki ni mawashita you

Iori: Boku wa kare hodo

Fuuto: Ijiwaru ja nai yo ne

Tsubaki: Sasotteru no?

Masaomi: Kawaii

Azusa: Kyohi shiteru no?

Hikaru: Uso desho

Louis: Amasugiri kyandi

Natsume: Kami-kudaiti kanshoku

Ukyo: Aseru you na

Wataru: Guru-guru suru you na

Haato Bureiku!

My sister

Mecha-kucha ni aishiteru!

Yasashii dake no kisu nara ii no kai?

Gomen… dakishimetai yo

Juli: Chikayoruna!

Kanashimi sae setsunasa sae hikiukeru kara!

Ima sugu ni subete o azukete

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! I need your love.



Anime is a good thing…


As an anime lover, I want to impel a lot of individuals in this era, to be included in the group of anime enthusiasts. I made this blog/journal, to persuade them and to explicit unto them that anime has a significant role to us, that it’s not just a prevalent fictional literary work, and it gives us an additional courage to be able to survive in this world. I will also share some of my experiences in the past regarding how anime helped me in many ways.

Anime changed my life in every aspect. Back in my childhood, I was a kid that always do wrong things when I’m in school. But, I changed since I started watching anime. I don’t know what kind of magic anime had given to me but all I know is that, anime had given a big impact in my life. Forwarding in the future; Almost two years after I commenced in watching anime, I was transferred in another school where I experienced bullying. At that time, I was so perplex because I didn’t do anything to them that can made them to loath me. Well, I’m so grateful that anime is there by my side. It served as my stress reliever and a friend as well until this moment. In every strife I indulged in, it serves as my “tenacity source”.

If anime hadn’t arrived in my life, I know that I’m not going to achieve what I have now, it always leads me to the right way. I’m so grateful that I’m not addicted to something illegal like drinking alcoholic drinks, using cigarettes, going out with random people, sexual stuffs and etc. Well, you can say that it’s categorized in my basic needs. I guess some people who reads this right now thinks that I’m overreacting over something fictional, if you will try to watch anime and you got addicted to it, your whole life will just revolve around it. Having it besides me is very efficient when it comes to studying. There’s an instance in the past where Basketball will be covered in our physical education examination. I’m a big fan of sports anime so it was easy for me to comprehend the terms in Basketball.

Anime also gives me the enough motivation to do something I’m frightened to. It had given me a very efficient lesson, “Never lose hope into something that you’re not adept to”, because if you’ll apply perseverance in doing something you’re not really good at, it will pay off eventually. There is also some anime series that made me aware of some inevitable events that can happen in the life of an individual, such as having a poser friend, that happened to me a few days ago. By reminiscing the anime that I have watched before, I had come up with a genuine resolve regarding that instance.

It can also make you comprehend the complex things that are beyond prevalent human understanding such as the individuals categorized in third sex party, well if you know what I mean. At first, I can’t deal with people that are included in that group but since I have started watching anime regarding them, I have started to sympathize with them.

Basically, in all I have mentioned, it barely means that anime is an efficient thing in this world. It teaches good thing, motivates its viewers and can make many people simper. I know clearly that numerous people out there cannot swallow up why we are so enthusiasts when it comes to anime, well base on my observation, only individuals with a chosen nature can comprehend and join us in our troop. Despite of that fact, I will still continue in liking anime.


Shingeki no Kyojin

Episode 13 is so fucking awesome and I can’t stop watching it.

Even though, Jean was always provoking Eren in the first few episodes of the series causing me to hate him, I became worried about his safety this episode and the previous one as well. I hope that his mighty attitude is already diminishing at this point.


That moment where Eren carrying the boulder was so priceless and it made me shout. LOL!


Mikasa’s reaction after Eren finally closed the hole. She’s always cute in every aspects.


On the hand, I’m starting to see the reason why numerous SNK fans out there really adore this guy. I have to admit that his fighting skills are exceptionally incredible. Well, let’s see if he can manage to be included in my list of favorite characters in SNK.


After a few moments, when I saw Eren in the underground jail, my reaction was like this: “What the…why Eren has to be in prison? he didn’t do anything wrong!”


Anyway, I’ve realized that this is the first time I saw Eren wearing this kind of clothes :3 Image

This Rivaille/Levi appears to be a cold person, but I think he has a soft spot in his heart. He had managed to amazed me when he said that he will take full responsibility for Eren. Anyway, Looking forward to his next actions!


It seems like the next episode is a recap. So I guess, I have to wait for two weeks before to see the next happenings.